Slow walk. Nordic walking and foliage tour

Andamento lento

Period: fall.
For all lovers of Nordic walking and relaxing walks there is nothing better than the path around Lake Fimon. About five miles of dirt road closed to traffic, to be done in a couple of hours to fully enjoy the lights and colours of one of the most beautiful views of the Berici Hills and Veneto.
The dirt road runs alongside, often a short distance to the edge of the lake. After travelling the opposite side, right next to a wooded hill, you may walk the stretch of the "Archaeological walk Fimon Valleys". Lake Fimon, one of the few non-reclaimed in Italy is in fact a remnant glacial Quaternary alluvial deposits where they levelled the bottom of the valley to the great Padana plain. The valley has always been swampy, but since the Bronze Age began to be frequented and inhabited. In the peat bogs of the surroundings were found remains of animals, including tropical, and traces of human activity proto-historical.

For the second day is scheduled a foliage tour, always in the area around the lake. A botanical trail with guide, discovering leaves and colours and the magic of autumn forest between botanical varieties unusual and rare. Yellow, red, orange, brown, green and many other shades that blend into a kaleidoscope that squeaks under your feet and relaxes the eye.

The offer proposes overnight stay one night at the hotel near the lake, with formula b&b, dinner and lunch of typical products.

The tour operator recommends:

Tasting product De.Co. "Pan de Bari" and visit to the Rehabilitation Centre Raptors.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 90.
The price includes: accommodation and breakfast at the hotel or B&B, dinner and lunch of typical products.

On the trail of the Templars

Tra storia e leggenda, sulle tracce dei templari

The Templars passed through here. And the package is aimed at all the lovers of medieval history, who want to retrace the footsteps of the legendary Knights.
The area of Villaga is characterized historically by a significant presence of knightly orders such as the Templar Knights and the Knights of Malta, who founded two hospices for pilgrims passing through the Riviera Berica, who intended to embark towards Venice to reach the Holy Land or Rome, ploughing through the Via Romea and the Apennines.
The centre of the picturesque village of Villaga is full of references to the Templar tradition and chivalry. The ancient Commenda of San Silvestro, nowadays Villa Palma-Bedeschi, for example, with its Templar cross engraved on the entrance portal, testifies that the ancient complex belonged to the Knights of the Templar Order(1270). After their suppression it was taken over by the Jerusalemitans and then by the Knights of Malta (1334).

From the arches present on the second floor of the north side, the new "commanders" were led by the hand to the door of the Church of San Silvestro for their initiation, which involved rites provided by the ceremonial order. In front of the villa there is a large park, with the age-old cedars of Lebanon, magnolias and rare plants, from where you can admire a huge emblem of the Order of the Knights of Malta painted on the wall. A visit to the Villa will be a real dive into the Middle Ages, a retrace of the actions of the mysterious Knights in the very place of their headquarters.

The tour operator recommends:

A visit to Villa Piovene and Villa Rasia Dani, De.Co. products tasting, overnight stay in the centre of Villaga.
The cost per person based on minimum 2 guests in a double room: € 80.
The price includes: accommodation and breakfast in B&B/farmhouse, local products tasting, entry to Villa Piovene.
Tour guide service: on request.

Family vacation, through woods and trails

Vacanza in famiglia

There are many nature trails to be done in the dense woods and along country lanes that line the slopes of the Berici. This is an easy route, mostly flat, suitable for children. Unless otherwise stated, means that along the way you will not encounter obstacles that create difficulty in overcoming, which may be steps or climb too steep, thus also suitable for very young children on strollers. Ideally, then, for a relaxing and informative family vacation in contact with nature.

The first day of the tour includes a thorough break at Lake Fimon in the Municipality of Arcugnano to spend the morning through the "Path Archaeological Valleys Fimon".
After lunch in a typical farm, it continues with a visit to the rural village of Calto of Zovencedo to see an interesting fresco of peasant life.
For the second day we plan a visit to the ruins of the medieval stronghold, the Fortress of Bishops in Brendola and the church of San Giovanni in Monte in Zovencedo built over an ancient monastery of the Templars. The next morning we continue with lunch in one of the many educational farms where children can participate in the preparation of the starters for parents.

The tour operator recommends:

Inputs to the attractions with guide for children, catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the kids), baby sitting service with evening screening of cartoons for educational, entertainment with qualified personnel, and block colours, lunch in a farmhouse with tasting wines and typical menu.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 250.
The price includes: accommodation in farm / BB, n. 2 lunches, n. 1 dinner, guided excursions, entrance fees, service.

Weekend discovering orchids and herbs

Weekend alla scoperta di orchidee ed erbe spontanee

Period: May / June.
In the territory of the Berici Hills there are at least 35 species of wild orchids. The route we propose is easy to walk and dedicated to the search of the legendary multicoloured flower. The trails in late spring are rich in blooms, with different species depending on the weather of the season. The experience of discovering and recognizing the orchids is extraordinary both for those who have the basics of botany and for those who simply loves flowers and plants. Walking among colors that will surprise you is certainly an experience that you will never forget.
After the hike, you can have dinner and overnight in Longare, with some herbs of Berici and products De.Co. of the area: cherries of Castagnero, Lumignano peas, Goose "in Onto", Tanoni (Tamus communis).

The second day continues through beauty and harmony. After this botany experience we will approach to architecture, of which the whole territory of Vicenza is very rich, with a visit to Villa Da Schio.
The monumental building, located in the hamlet of Costozza and designed by Ottone Calderari, has a large garden with statues and a natural cave used as a cellar.
The route is interesting both from botanical and historical-artistic point of view.
In May you can attend "Villa Da Schio in bloom", exhibition of rare and unusual plants, old roses, botanical and modern, herbaceous perennials, furniture for the garden and multiple activities for fans of the green.
This package offers a visit to Costozza, one of the most characteristic villages of all Berica Land. This hamlet of Longare still has the plant that reflects its medieval origin, in addition to the villas rich of charm and history.

The tour operator recommends:

May: Festival of "Bisi" (Peas) Lumignano.
June: Spring Festival.
July: Tournament of the Contrada (district).
Ecological Bike Ride every first Sunday of June.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 135.
The fee includes: half board in a farmhouse (dinner, bed and breakfast), entrance and guided visit to the Gardens and Villa da Schio.

The Berica Land

Comuni della Terra Berica

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