Un lungo weekend di misteri

Veneto is a land full of mysteries. To revive these mysteries and learn about ancient stories and legends that are part of the local tradition in the month of November are organized the "Shows of Mystery" in various cities of the region. The Berica Land preserves riddles and stories from the disturbing charm. This package is thus aimed at those who suffer the fascination of mysterious stories and anyone who wants to spend three days out of the ordinary, immersed in a magnetic.

Lonigo is known for the legend of Our Lady of Miracles. In April 1486 two shoemakers killed a man to rob him. After that they went in an abandoned church to divide the spoils. One of them slashed an image of the Virgin that repaired the injured eye with one hand, while with the other bent to cover the wound of the chest. The event includes a visit to the shrine, the reading of the story and some miracles around.

In Orgiano happened some crimes that probably inspired Alessandro Manzoni to the plot of "The Betrothed". In the Summer of 1605 the noble Paolo Orgiano was accused of a series of heinous crimes: kidnappings, killings, violence and bullying. Among the accusers, Fiore, a peasant girl who blames him also to have tried to prevent her marriage. The event will include a visit to Villa Fracanzan Piovene and the evocation of the process against Paolo Orgiano. The forest of Brendola for centuries has always been a place of legends and superstitions considered as the home of witches, goblins, fairies and ogres. During the evening there will be a short walk in the woods to the Fountain of the Ogre, where an actor will read and recite tales of terror.

The tour operator recommends:

Overnight stay for two nights, visit the Archaeological Museum in Brendola, guided tour of the Rocca Pisana, tasting products De.Co..
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 155.
The fee includes: n. 2 nights in BB / villas, n. 1 tasting products, entrance to the Archaeological Museum in Brendola, Rocca Pisana (with guided tour), Villa Francanzan Piovene.

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