Photographing caves and ancient mills

Fotografando grotte e antichi mulini

The energy of the water. The mechanical strength of the blade that spins. The power of the mill. A duty cycle full of charm and poetry, that led on the tables the simplest and most tasty food: the bread.
There are only few water mills still active in Italy, two of which are located in the Valley of the Mills of Mossano. The walk starts from the Church of Mossano and goes down to the valley, where we find two old mills, both with spectacular wooden wheels.
What more evocative place for a photo shoot? Whether you are passionate photographers or at your first experience, you will be inspired by the atmosphere of the past that you breathe in this unique place. The excursion will combine a walk in the open air, full of remarkable views of woods and meadows, and passion for photography.
We'll indeed plan several stops at the most scenic points to allow participants to immortalize the most evocative panoramas.
The path continues to the Cave of San Bernardino, that hosted San Bernardino from Siena that is also the oldest archaeological site of the Vicenza area; in here were found traces of Neanderthal man and a fresco of the Madonna and Child, which testifies the religious use of the cave.
The characteristic "facade" of the cave and the view on the Euganean Hills you can enjoy from this location, will give participants the opportunity to make unforgettable shots.
After the tour is scheduled to leave by car until Nanto (about 6km) to the hotel.
The following morning will be devoted to view the pictures taken in a separate room of the farm, followed by lunch of products De.Co..

The tour operator recommends:

July: Feast of the Valley of the Mills.
May-November: truffle "scorzone" De.Co.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 105.
The price includes: accommodation and breakfast in BB or Farm, excursion with photographic guide on the afternoon of the first day, lunch with typical products.

The material that creates Art

La materia di cui è fatta l’arte

This is an opportunity to know the real essence of this land. This is the objective of this proposal, which provides as first step a visit to The Museum "Carlo Etenli".
Prepared after years of passionate research determined by the desire to recover and preserve the testimonies and the values of civilization, the Museum collects thousands of farm machinery and tools used as everyday objects, ranked according to functional criteria in seven sections.
It continues with a guided visit to another important example of the economy and local crafts: the Cava Scioso, locality "Casette", from which the yellow stone is extracted. It is the only quarry that has a system of excavation in the open air, for the exploitation of the stone bench surface.
The next morning you'll continue to immerse yourself in a climate of the past, on the trail of local traditions lost, to discover the old fountains and washhouses in the municipal area: Fountain Casalin, the Corrubio, the Crearo, Spiazzo, de Caregheta, de Scaranton, Canton de Naples, Del Buso, the Spidui, the Pescatore (Fisherman).
The itinerary continues with a "deviation" in the nearby town of Zovencedo for a visit to the famous "House on the Rock". The territory of Zovencedo presents karst phenomena and has many caves, some of which showed evidence of ancient occupation by humans. At first they were used as shrines or religious sites, then they became homes, used until a few years ago.
One of the most important examples of cave house is found in the so-called "Sengia of Meoni", built in an old stone quarry and inhabited until the 60's from a very large family.

The tour operator recommends:

Welcome drink, A night in double room, guided tour. Breakfast and dinner with typical products in selected local.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 150.
The price includes: accommodation and breakfast in B & B, welcome drink, 1 dinner, guide for n. 2 half days, entrance to the museum.

Through villas, caves and old Prisons

Per ville, per grotte e per antiche prigioni

The mystery surrounds the architectural complex that is located within the grounds of Villa Giulia, built exploiting some natural caves that were excavated and modified with a chisel to get rooms, stairs, doors and windows, including a beautiful loggia with five pillars.
The complex is named "Prisons Lombard". We don't have many information about this construction, we know that the most ancient sources talked about it since the fourteenth century as a disused building. We don't know the origin of it, we must therefore think that the complex was much more ancient. The Prisons are a mysterious fortress in rock, a "palace" made of stairs, windows, balconies, rooms, an environment of rock unique to the grandeur of the structure.
From here the tour will take us to the Cave of San Bernardino where archaeologists found the oldest evidences of prehistoric in Vicenza area through numerous excavations.
The second day will be dedicated to the visit of Villa Camerini Montruglio (open to the public from May to October), designed by architect Antonio Pizzocaro. In addition to the immense garden and park the villa is enriched by frescoes, statues and a collection of weapons and horse harness.

From "Lombards Prisons" to neoclassical harmony, a tour to discover all the secrets of the centuries of history that emerge from this fascinating and resourceful place. All within a few miles, in a rich path suitable for everyone.

The tour operator recommends:

An overnight stay in a double room, Guided hike, Breakfast and dinner with typical products in selected local.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 165.
The price includes: accommodation and breakfast in BB or Farm, n. 1 dinner with typical, n. 1 guided tour in Mossano and in the Villas with entrance (Villa Giulia and Villa Camerini).

The old, small world of the hills Berici

L’antico, piccolo mondo dei colli berici

In the places of Palladio and Fogazzaro.

Villas, churches and ancient ruins make the whole territory of Vicenza rich of fascination, making it an ideal destination for lovers of culture, architecture and art, and even potential location for weddings and ceremonies. The Vicenza area, however, is not only linked to the name of Palladio but also to another famous protagonist of our literature: Antonio Fogazzaro.
This area of the Berici includes a part of the Walking Fogazzaro-Roi, a walk along narrow paths and riverbanks in the province of Vicenza, among the treasures of art and nature in the places narrated by the famous novelist. The Way Fogazzaro-Roi touches places and villas described by the writer Antonio Fogazzaro, and also loved by his great-grandson, the Marquis Giuseppe Roi, a "diplomatist" of culture and beauty of the Veneto region in the world.
The tour starts from Barbarano Vicentino where you can visit the Villa Godi Marinoni (called "the Castle"), Villa Sangiantofetti Rigon, Villa Pedrina and the church with the convent of San Pancrazio.
The second step is to visit in Orgiano Villa Fracanzan Piovene, a private residence where furniture, paintings and family heirlooms are part of the house-museum ("Daily life and work in Villa").The last city you'll visit is Villa Fogazzaro Colbacchini Montegalda , place described in "Piccolo Mondo Moderno" and loved by the writer for the scenario of rural beauty.

The journey will be enriched by short stops during which it will be possible to read some literary work of Fogazzaro, with particular reference to the nature and to the territory of the Berici. One way to revive the work and the inspirations of the great artist directly inside their original place rich of art and nature to be experienced.

The tour operator recommends:

Overnight stay at the hotel, entrances to attractions with specialized guide, breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide book and where possible audioguide, 5 postcards of villas, lunch in a farm with wine tasting and typical menu, a copy of the book "Piccolo Mondo Moderno" with a personalized cover.
Price per person (minimum two people) in a double room € 250.
The price includes: Double room in hotel or BB, n. 1 dinner and 1 lunch, guided tours of the first and second day, inputs villas Colbachini, Marinoni, Sangiantofetti Rigon, Pedrina and Convent of San Pancrazio.

A hike through history

Un’escursione attraverso la storia

From medieval hermits to the Great War

The Berica Land in every corner tells stories. Stories of men and events that made history. This proposal is to respond to the needs of those who want to learn more and enjoy the beautiful scenic walks and contact with nature.
Starting from Villaga and continuing for trails through woods and scenic views you can reach to the churchyard of the church of San Donato, one of the oldest churches in the whole Veneto. This is a charming place where once hosted an ancient hermitage. The church use a cave as apse. During the Great War, the church, built during the nineteenth century became a warehouse and a kitchen used for military purposes. From here the view overlooks the low plain of Vicenza and the Riviera Berica, the wide natural corridor between Monti Berici and Euganean appearing on the horizon with their characteristics humps.
The second day is dedicated to the visit of the remains of the trenches of the Great War in Villaga. The whole area was in fact requisitioned during the First World War for military purposes. On various rocky humps, now covered with bush, there are still traces of entrenchments and some artifact, perhaps made them last line of defence in front of the Piave-Grappa-Asiago Plateau, or for training purposes.

The tour ends in Lumignano to visit the Hermitage of San Cassiano (open to the public every first Sunday of the month). It is a building that dates back to the seventeenth century built incorporating an older church.

The tour operator recommends:

Overnight stay in Villaga in farmhouse with dinner with typical products De.Co. (including, specific area Villaga: Rampuzzoli (rapunzel), Bisi (peas) of Pozzolo, wines and spirits, Thovara), hiking guide specializing in historical arguments.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 140.
The price includes: dinner, bed and breakfast on a farm, visits with guide-companion.

A long weekend of mysteries

Un lungo weekend di misteri

Veneto is a land full of mysteries. To revive these mysteries and learn about ancient stories and legends that are part of the local tradition in the month of November are organized the "Shows of Mystery" in various cities of the region. The Berica Land preserves riddles and stories from the disturbing charm. This package is thus aimed at those who suffer the fascination of mysterious stories and anyone who wants to spend three days out of the ordinary, immersed in a magnetic.

Lonigo is known for the legend of Our Lady of Miracles. In April 1486 two shoemakers killed a man to rob him. After that they went in an abandoned church to divide the spoils. One of them slashed an image of the Virgin that repaired the injured eye with one hand, while with the other bent to cover the wound of the chest. The event includes a visit to the shrine, the reading of the story and some miracles around.

In Orgiano happened some crimes that probably inspired Alessandro Manzoni to the plot of "The Betrothed". In the Summer of 1605 the noble Paolo Orgiano was accused of a series of heinous crimes: kidnappings, killings, violence and bullying. Among the accusers, Fiore, a peasant girl who blames him also to have tried to prevent her marriage. The event will include a visit to Villa Fracanzan Piovene and the evocation of the process against Paolo Orgiano. The forest of Brendola for centuries has always been a place of legends and superstitions considered as the home of witches, goblins, fairies and ogres. During the evening there will be a short walk in the woods to the Fountain of the Ogre, where an actor will read and recite tales of terror.

The tour operator recommends:

Overnight stay for two nights, visit the Archaeological Museum in Brendola, guided tour of the Rocca Pisana, tasting products De.Co..
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 155.
The fee includes: n. 2 nights in BB / villas, n. 1 tasting products, entrance to the Archaeological Museum in Brendola, Rocca Pisana (with guided tour), Villa Francanzan Piovene.

A journey to discover the villas and poetry

Un percorso alla scoperta di ville e poesia

In this proposal you find only architecture and poetry to intoxicate your view during this intense two days to discover some of the most interesting villas in the province of Vicenza.

It starts, accompanied by the guide who will reveal all the secrets of these beautiful buildings, from Noventa Vicentina, which hosts the sixteenth century Villa Barbarigo, around which the entire village has developed. Then we'll approach with Villa Prosdocimi, built in the sixteenth century and renovated in the eighteenth; the Renaissance Villa San Florian and Villa Albrizzi, the eighteenth-century Villa Rossi Bellin. The villas are located within the municipality and the guided tour is also a beautiful tour through the landscapes of Noventa Vicentina.

The next morning we depart from Agugliaro, nearby town rich in valuable architectures: Villa del Verme, noble country house from the XV century in Venetian Gothic style; Villa Saraceno, extraordinary unfinished work of Palladio; the sixteenth-century Villa Saraceno also called "Palace of Trumpets" attributed to Sanmicheli, and then the seventeenth-century Villa delle Rose and Villa Saraceno Franchin, manor house full of gothic elements. After a stop for lunch-tasting of local products, is expected to reach Albettone, where the tour ends with a visit to Villa De Negri Salvi, also called "Villa Campiglia", from the noble family that commissioned and inhabited the building.
The villa is also known for being a place where the poet Maddalena Campiglia lived, woman with a complex personality. The verses written by Campiglia conclude the enchanting ride through the villas of the area, among the most famous in the world, set in a landscape of great charm.

The tour operator recommends:

Overnight stay in Noventa Vicentina, dinner and breakfast in farm-based local products and preparing baskets for lunch-tasting of the following day.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 60.
The fee includes: half board in a farmhouse, basket with local produce for lunch the second day.

Architectural tour of the villas

Tour architettonico fra le ville

The proposal is perfect for art and architecture lovers who want to enjoy a day and a half of full immersion through the most beautiful villas of Italy, accompanied by a unique landscape and an excellent cuisine.
The package starts with the arrival in the late morning of Saturday at a hotel in Sarego, where you will be greeted by a tasty brunch with local products. The tour includes visits to the villas on site: the Villa Da Porto, called "La Favorita" attributed to Francesco Muttoni, the sixteenth century Villa Manzoni Valcasara, and Villa Trissino the only part built of an imposing Palladian project. An artistic and historic charm that will enchant even the less experienced who will end with a dinner of typical food and wine of Arcole.
For the second day is expected to reach Pojana Maggiore for a guided tour of Villa Pojana, commissioned by Bonifacio Poiana to Andrea Palladio. It seems that the famous architect was here seeking logic utilitarian inspired by the architecture of the ancient thermae. Rich frames, frescoes and drawings, the villa is not only a feast for the eyes, but a real cornerstone for the study of Palladian architecture.
In particular, we recommend a visit in July to combine a visit also in one of the prestigious events planned during the festival "July Pojanese: Villa, Music and Theatre".

The tour operator recommends:

Visit the rural complex Biasin.
July: July Pojanese in Villa, Music and Theatre.
Cost per person with a minimum of two participants in a double room € 115.
The price includes: accommodation and breakfast in bb / farm, brunch, entrance to Villa La Favorita, Villa Manzoni Valcasara, Villa Pojana, (Barchesse Villa Trissino only external).

The Berica Land

Comuni della Terra Berica

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