Colli Berici
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Berici Hills
Colli Berici
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Villa Fracanzan Piovene
Lake of Fimon
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Villa Pisani
Lake of Fimon
Villa Fracanzan Piovene
The red chicory De.Co. of Asigliano

A treasure chest of wonders concentrated in a few handfuls of miles, this is Berica Land, a collection of rare and precious gems, set in a priceless background: the landscape of the Berici.

The main protagonist of this environment is Nature: green lawns, trees and woods alternate with vineyards and olive groves, in a succession of valleys, hills, small plateaus, streams and canals. This territory is spread just south of the City of Vicenza, the Pearl of the Renaissance, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, thanks to the wonders imagined by Palladio, who right here in the Berici built some of his masterpieces, such as La Rotonda and Villa Pojana.
There are plenty of villas of different ages, which can be admired in this patch of land, together with fine examples of rural art, monasteries, churches and fountains. The man had almost always been able to respect and value these elements while settling in collected villages, grafting here their homes and activities.

In addition to the interest of art and culture the Hills are the perfect place for sports activities and excursions, cycling, hiking, climbing, and even paragliding.

Also the cuisine of the area is fine and sophisticated, and optimizes and uses the fruit of the generous Berici soil: ham, truffles, wild herbs, peas, pumpkins, not to mention the wines and distillates, always appreciated by the inhabitants and today highlighted by an exquisite and excellent culinary and wine offer.

Here is the Berica Land, hospitable and unexpected, ready to surprise you.

Map of the district - Berici Hills

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